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We have the most modern treatments available for the diabetic foot including wound care services, shoes and inserts, and surgical reconstruction. Prevention is our main focus! See us before you have a problem, request an appointment here.

InBone Total Ankle

Until recently, there were limited options for ankle replacement in the U.S. The INBONE™ Total Ankle was developed as a viable surgical solution to ankle arthritis. This will allow patients to have pain reduction and restored mobility without the need or problems associated with an Ankle Fusion (Arthrodesis). more>>

Bunion Surgery

When conservative treatment does not provide satisfactory relief from symptoms, or when the condition interferes with your activities, surgery may be necessary. more>>

Smart Toe Implants

Hammertoe deformities occur on the feet of people with various foot types and anatomical structures. For a digital deformity to develop, several factors must exist. There must be abnormal pull of the intrinsic and extrinsic musculature of the foot, reactive forces between the foot and the environment are abnormal, and alterations in the function of the digit. more>>

Podiatric Ultrasound

The need for non-invasive diagnostics has never been greater. Patients are increasingly demanding more and more sophisticated care. Ultrasound can offer the ability to raise the level of medicine provided. more>>

Gait Analysis & Orthotics

The mechanics of the foot and ankle and their effects on the lower extremity and body as a whole are very intricate. Due to these complexities, it is sometimes difficult not only for the lower extremity specialist to have a precise and accurate measurement of these mechanics, but also a means by which to communicate, explain, or visually demonstrate to a patient what is occurring during the gait cycle. more>>

MBA Subtalar Arthroereisis

One surgical option that has become the treatment of choice for many surgeons is the MBA implant. The Subtalar MBA implant is small soft-threaded titanium device that is inserted into a small opening called the sinus tarsi more>>

Painless Podiatric Surgery

Drs. Daniels, Pizarro and McCrary are very excited to announce the availability of the ON-Q Post-Operative Pain Relief System. This is an exciting technology that allows us to implant a small tube around your surgical site, delivering a small amount of continuous local anesthetic. more>>

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

We Treat Feet offers Musculoskeletal Ultrasounds for those patients who suffer from inflammatory arthritis, gout, and tendon disorders. It can also be useful for injections of difficult joints or periarticular regions. more>>

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is an innovative treatment that uses the body’s own cells to relieve pain and promote accelerated, long-lasting healing of certain musculoskeletal conditions. more>>

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